Headshots with Maddie, Waterville Valley, NH

In September 2023, I crossed paths with Maddie at a fundraising event where we both performed. Little did I know, our paths would soon cross again. Fast forward to January 2024, we found ourselves cast in Gypsy the Musical, with me unexpectedly taking charge of the quick changes for the show.

Let me break it down: Maddie was one of the leads and had several demanding sequence of rapid costume changes. I assembled a team to tackle the challenge, and as we hustled through the back-to-back changes and numerous others throughout the show, Maddie and I bonded over the shared thrill of pulling it off ...nearly....flawlessly. :)

When the curtains closed on our run, Maddie reached out for updated headshots, trusting me to capture their essence through the lens. We set a date, envisioning a session against a brick wall backdrop. But when the day arrived, the weather had a different plan, blessing us with a perfectly overcast sky and a gentle snowfall.

With spontaneity in mind, we embraced the outdoor setting, seizing the natural light to capture Maddie's essence and then we wrapped up our session against the brick wall, to bring our session full circle.

It's moments like these that remind me why I love what I do. Maddie's trust in me—whether it was ensuring their quick changes on stage or capturing their essence through the lens—means the world. Thanks for choosing me, Maddie. Here's to many more collaborations and adventures ahead.

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