Senior Portraits | Hebron, NH

Anna's mom reached out to me to book a time on my calendar so that we could capture her senior portraits! They didn't know where they wanted to take them, but Anna wanted "a cute little field with some flowers", I sent over some photos of a location that I suggested and they immediately loved it and the stress Anna had been feeling about selecting the session quickly disappeared!

As we got closer to the session, I knew Anna was starting to become anxious over the session and I totally get it! She's a teenager, so this was probably the first session she had ever had and it was 45 minutes of just her and I with my camera (while mom walked around with us of course). That being said, I made sure to provide support to Anna and her mom as we approached the date, because I know what it's like to feel those big feelings and I wanted my client to be at ease.

When we met up at the location a few weeks later, it sounded like there was still a great deal of stress, so I reassured Anna (and her mom) that I had her back the entire time. I was going to walk her through the session step by step and that I was going to give her different prompts and poses. By the end of the session she was so much more confident in front of the camera and absolutely NAILED IT! She and her mom both said that the photoshoot was the easiest part of the entire process leading up to it!

We had a blast and I'm so glad they trusted me to help capture this moment in time for them!

As always, i'm here for questions, or if you're ready to book your senior portraits, send me a message today!

See below for a selection of photos from our time together!