Headshots with Olivia | Tilton, NH

Olivia and I met early in 2024 when we shared the stage as Hollywood Blondes in Gypsy the Musical. She reached out to me shortly after our show wrapped saying something to the tune of, "Hey - I need updated headshots and I don't like to be around most people, but I'm comfortable being around you!" and I knew exactly what she meant! Sometimes it can be daunting going to a photographer who you don't know! I like to think that I can make anyone feel comfortable, but in the moments after receiving Olivia's message, I knew that she had just paid me one of the highest compliments that she could have!

As we were planning her session, we were trying to decide if we were going to wait until spring and do something outside, or if we were going to find an indoor location to use that would work for the vibe she was going for. After going back and forth with a few ideas, Olivia suggested the use of her brick apartment located in Tilton - leaving us room to use a few locations outdoors if we wanted to brave the chill of winter. After she sent me a video of the spot in question, I jumped at the chance to utilize her space! The sun hit her building perfectly, the exposed brick was a dream, and she had a cat at her apartment - of course I was in!

We started by clearing a few pieces of furniture to the side, threw on some of her favorite music, and got started! She was a natural behind the camera and followed my direction flawlessly. In addition, she was great at making minor shifts to her face to shift the mood ever so slightly, which gave her a lot of great choices when it came to selecting her final images.

Olivia and I had so much fun together using the brick walls, but when I first entered the apartment, we were met with a staircase that screamed for us to use it! Not only that, but her kitty even let me grab a stellar photo of her!

I hope you enjoy these photos from our time together!

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