Lifestyle Newborn sessions in Lebanon, NH

In the first moments after coming home from the hospital, the last thing most new parents want to do is leave the house. Getting out the door with a newborn can be so challenging in those first weeks after coming home, especially if you're in recovery mode! This is why I love to offer an in home lifestyle session when your newborn comes home!

As a mother myself, I understand the importance of being comfortable in your environment, especially with your newborn. What better way to be comfortable than to be in your own home?

Some people might think their home needs to be "aesthetically pleasing" to do a lifestyle session in their home. I'm here to tell you that every home has it's own charm and I work with you in advance to be prepared for our session day, so "aesthetically pleasing" or not, fear not - I am here for you! From tips on what to wear and what you might want to declutter, I'm here to help you with all of it!

Now, I want to tell you about this family here! This lovely couple was relatively new to the area and had come across my page online and were excited to see that I offered in home lifestyle sessions; it was exactly what they were looking for! We planned a time for me to come to their home, I loaded up when the day came, and we had some fun!

When I come to your home, I come with my camera in tow, as well as select props, buckets, flooring, baskets, and more! I work with you in advance to see about any preferences or color spectrums, and depending on what package you've selected will depend on how many items I come with! I always tell my clients that if there is anything they've seen in previous sessions that they love, to let me know! I'm always happy to incorporate what my clients envision!

Meet your Photographer

Hello! My name is Emily and I love bringing your visions to life! Working with my clients brings me such joy and I just love to get out there and have some fun while we capture your memories! Living in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire certainly has it's perks for gorgeous views and backdrops, but I will happily travel throughout New Hampshire and beyond!

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