Extended Family Session | Moultonborough, NH

I heard from Clara Parker several weeks prior to our session, so that she knew she would be able to secure my services for the same day as her husbands 70th birthday party! We got the date on the calendar and confirmed the time of our session after we made sure the light would be right at the time of day we were planning to meet.

When I arrived at the session, the family was finishing getting ready, since they had been at their dads birthday party all day. This meant tired kiddos and a big family that was ready to RELAX!!!

I have a young child myself, so I can understand exactly what that meant for our session. I knew I would have to be quick, efficient, and make sure I still got them their 40 image minimum that I include in my Extended Family Sessions.

We got A LOT of silly faces from some of the kids and some sad faces in some others, but we got a few where everyone somehow managed to look at me and smile!

This family was composed of the grandparents, their two kids, their spouses, and six grandkids (with one on the way!). The six grandkids all belonged to one family and the three year old didn't want anything to do with anyone but mom, so for our grandparent / grandkid photo, we had to get creative. We had her mom hold her daughter and stand behind grandma, with her popped up in such a way, that it almost looked like she was on grandmas hip... but mom hid so well that I didn't even see her in a single frame from what was captured in that moment - not only a huge win getting a photo of the grandparents with all the grandkids, but the mom of the year award was handed out that evening after such success!

We were able to get what we needed within about 45 minutes and that gave the kiddos a much needed rest after such a long day.

I had a great time with the Parker Family! I hope you enjoy their photos as much as I do!

As always, i'm here for questions or if you're looking to book your Extended Family session, you can message me here!