The Barry Family

Tom reached out to me about a week prior to our session, hoping I would have availability to capture his extended family while they vacationed together at the Timberloch Lodges in Bridgewater, New Hampshire. They were getting together to celebrate his parents 50th wedding anniversary and were looking for me to capture some photos of them on the Timberloch lodges grounds. Luckily I was available that day, so we got him on the calendar and when the day came around, I was able to help capture some beautiful shots for him and his family!

Upon meeting the Barry Family, we jumped right into taking some photos in some beautiful light, located right by the office of the Timberloch lodges. I even snagged one photo with the Office sign behind Michael and Barbara (the couple celebrating 50 years), since they had been booking at the Lodges for 45 years! After we got what we were looking for in front of the office, we moved over to the beach!

During my time with the Barry Family, Michael and Barbara and myself had a conversation that went a little something like this:

Them, “we have been married 50 years! Have you been around for 50 years?”

Me, “do I look like I’ve been around 50 years?? *panics*”

Them, “no, I didn’t think so, but I wanted to check!”

Me, “I am in my 30’s still so I had a moment …thank goodness I don’t look 50 yet 😅😂”

Needless to say, the entire family was so sweet and we captured some really beautiful stuff, right on Newfound Lake - lucky for me, it is one of my favorite lakes around!

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Take a look below for some more of the fun we had at our Extended Family Session!