The Weavers reached out to me back in May to see if I would possibly be able to capture some photos of the two of them, in honor of their 50th Wedding Anniversary! We set up a date in July, hoping that the weather and the bugs would stay at bay and hoped for the best!

The day of our session arrived and sure enough, we were in the midst of a very wet summer, that seemed to have non stop flood warnings and weather changes by the day. Rain was in the forecast for the day of our session, but we stayed in touch and hoped the rain would hold off during the hour we had allotted for our session.

I was checking the radar non stop that day, but given that the rain was happening in certain parts of the state and not others, we took a chance and met up anyways!

When we started our session, we wanted to grab a few photos with Mount Cardigan in the background, as it played a significant role in the Weavers history together. It was hazy and foggy and we could hardly make out the mountain, but we found a few locations that worked nicely to frame it in the background.

After grabbing the one shot the Weavers had in mind, we took a tour around the Canaan Public Beach to get photos amongst some really beautiful spots! By the end of our session we were graced by the presence of a literal pile of ducklings next to us on the beach, being cute as can be. The Weavers were just as excited as I was to see the ducklings and requested I include the photos I took of the fuzzy little guys, in their album. I of course obliged, as it was a special moment during our time together.

After about 45 minutes into our session we had gotten what we were looking for and called it good! Just as we were headed to our vehicles, the heavens opened up and it started to POUR! Needless to say, 50 years married must have brought all of its luck to us, to have a rain-free session together!

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Take a look at the images below that help showcase our time together!