The Troy Family - Family Session

This family session was a ton of fun! Before we jump into too many details, I want to share how our session came to be!

I heard from Patrick a few weeks prior to their session, to see if I would be available during his family's trip to Newfound Lake. They were coming in from New York, had never done professional photos before (other than their wedding day) and were looking forward to their trip!

A few days before their session, we rescheduled our time together because of the pending forecast! Rain was on its way during our planned session, but sunshine was planned for a few other days during their visit. We were able to find a time that worked for us both and we ended up meeting up on a cloudy, cool, windy day!

While the wind was whipping everyones hair around, we had a blast and the pictures speak for themselves!

During our time together, I learned that this was their fourth year coming out to Newfound Lake as a family, but it is the same lake that Patrick had come to throughout his childhood, dating back to the 70's! How cool!

There are four kids in the Troy Family ages 4, 5, and 9mo old twins! Those of you who have kids these ages might understand that it was chaos at its finest. I have a 3 year old myself, so I was prepared and ready to embrace the chaos of the session! I usually have an order I go in to capture all the photos I want to, but when you have kids running around in between images, you improvise! We had a ton of fun and we managed to capture all of our photos before anyone melted down!

As always, i'm here for any questions you might have about the process! Send me an email at for any questions or to book your own Family Session with me today!

Take a look below to see some of the fun we had during our time together!