Family Photos | Hebron, NH

Have you ever experienced a moment so chaotic yet heartwarming that it left you with a huge smile on your face? Well, that's exactly what happened during my recent photography session with the Flanagan family. Amidst the laughter, playful kids, and the wonderful memories we created, I can't help but share the incredible time we had.

A Perfect Blend of Chaos and Joy

As soon as I arrived at our chosen location, I was greeted by a scene of pure joy and pandemonium. The kids were running around while the parents attempted to wrangle them. The parents, Marie and Mike, were hopeful for some smiles, but given that I have a toddler myself, I was prepared to quickly snap away and capture whatever the chaos brought us

During our time together, we had an emotional support flower ("Leafy McLeafy") who helped one of the kiddos make their way through the session, we raced towards the camera, giving the kiddos a chance to get their energy out, and ended with some suckers, all in the attempt to capture some beautiful. moments. What do you think? Take a look at a selection of photos from our time together below and let me know if you agree!

Capturing moments like these is what I love most about my job. The candid laughter, the spontaneous embraces, and the sheer happiness on everyone's faces are the moments that truly define a family. It's not about perfectly posed pictures; it's about capturing the essence of who they are.

A Location with History

What made this session even more special was the location we chose. It was the same spot where Marie and Mike had exchanged their vows years ago. Returning to this sentimental place filled the atmosphere with an extra layer of love and nostalgia. The backdrop of their love story made each photograph even more meaningful.

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