Mastering the Art of Landscape Photography:

Tips for Capturing Breathtaking Landscapes

I am so fortunate to witness the extraordinary beauty of New Hampshire's landscapes, located in practically every square inch of our beautiful state. In addition to my main focus on portraits at Emily Vale Photography, I find myself captivated by the mesmerizing scenery that surrounds us and I am always trying to capture that beauty on camera. Today, I'm excited to share some tried-and-true tips that will help you elevate your landscape photography game and help you to capture stunning images.

Embrace Golden Hour Magic:

One of the most enchanting times for landscape photography is during the golden hour, which occurs shortly after sunrise or before sunset. The soft, warm light during this time adds a magical touch to your images, casting a beautiful glow on the landscape. Plan your shoots accordingly and witness the transformative power of golden hour.

Master Composition Techniques:

Composition is key to creating visually striking landscape photographs. Experiment with the rule of thirds, leading lines, and foreground interest to add depth and visual interest to your shots. Look for natural elements like trees, rocks, or rivers that can act as compelling foreground elements, leading the viewer's eye deeper into the scene. For a deeper dive into this subject, check out my blog post here!

Capture Dynamic Skies:

New Hampshire is known for its ever-changing and dramatic skies. Use them to your advantage! Look for interesting cloud formations, vibrant sunsets, or stormy skies that can add drama and atmosphere to your landscapes. Incorporate the sky as an essential element in your composition to create a sense of scale and mood.

Find Unique Perspectives:

Instead of just capturing the frequently photographed viewpoints, try to explore lesser-known locations or strive to find a unique perspective at popular spots. Experiment with different angles, heights, and vantage points to create a fresh take on familiar landscapes. Don't be afraid to get low, climb higher, or venture off the beaten path for a truly captivating shot!

Landscape photography is a captivating way to showcase the splendor of Mother Nature's natural beauty. By embracing these tips, and by adding your own personal twist, you'll be well on your way to capturing breathtaking landscapes and scenes in nature that truly reflect the soul of our beloved state.

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